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I’m not just about the kitchen adventures; I’m your go-to source for all things Japan travel. Join me as I share pro tips, amazing food recs, must-visit otaku spots, and how to plan the ultimate anime-inspired journey! 

Looking for something specific and need help planning your trip? You’ll soon be able to book me for personalized trip planning to make sure you’re ready for your adventure, have the greatest time, and of course create incredible memories! 

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Gluten free foodies, this one's for you!

I’m partnering with Atly to discover and share over 30k gluten free friendly restaurants worldwide! 🌏🍣 This map called “Gluten Free Eats” is growing every day with new additions from members of our community. You can even filter based on your sensitivity levels and other dietary restrictions! 

I am working to add all of my favourite gluten free friendly gems in Japan to the map so you can find everything in one place! Plus, maybe you’ll discover something new in your hometown. 

Go ahead and sign up! I think this is such an exciting tool that will make travelling so much easier to manage. 

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